(----- pronounced blank/noname/null/undefined or really any other way you want to pronounce an empty space.)

HELLO and welcome to my humble webzone! this is hardly the first i've ever tried to have - though any previous websites i've kept, i've been unsatisfied with and left in a state of perpetual under construction... ideally this one won't be the same way, i'd hope!

i'm one of many who grew up on the internet, though far too late to experience the 90s' web in its heyday. however, i still witnessed the slow death of the era of customization... to me, one's web presence is an important reflection of one's identity, and so even the strangest, silliest, and clunkiest websites are deeply meaningful. ...plus, having a personal site just makes me happy!

i'm a hobbyist digital artist and writer, though i want to experiment with other stuff too. i strongly lean towards bright colors, unreality, and horror (or horror-adjacent) themes in my work. i also just like silly, odd, and experimental stuff, though ^.^

as for the site itself, it's just a bit of a place for me to toss whatever i want and also use as a "hub" of sorts for my content. nothing special... but hey, i'm having fun!


my discord is at ----- !!#9860 !