filters and commands

the chat filters and commands are already listed in the message of the day, but some images for the sake of explanation:




becomes , and on mouseover

typing /afk doesn't put any message in the chat, but it puts a marker by your name like this to say you're away from keyboard.


emotes work similarly to twitch, in that they are written as a word. - dededecry becomes
if you add other characters to the name it will not become an image - dededecrya will not turn into a, instead remaining unchanged. this applies to symbols as well, so if you wanted to, say, put it between quotation marks, you would type " dededecry ", not "dededecry".
image urls pasted into chat will not turn into their image counterparts, but will be functional links. if you want a new image to be added as an emote, either post it in chat or send it to one of the admins directly.
you can also get emotes by clicking on the emote list button and browsing them.

video control

the way cytube works, you are not usually able to pause or skip around the video as it remains in sync with the other instances of the video. however, if there is a star beside someone's name like this, that means they are "the leader" and in control of pausing and skipping around the video, and everyone else's video syncs with the leader instead of the server. admins can make anyone they want the leader by right clicking someone's name in the userlist.

if you are an admin, moderator, or have the leader role, you can edit the viewing playlist. alternatively, anyone can edit it if the playlist is unlocked. the controls are directly underneath the video player. also, you can drag and drop videos in the playlist to move them around, and unless they're made permanent (done by clicking "Make Permanent") they'll automatically disappear once the video's over.

viewer controls
leader/unlocked playlist controls
moderator controls
admin/owner controls
lock button unlocked