jan 22, 2023
UMM hapy new year i have too difficult a time thinking of stuff to put on here LOL. i fixed my age on my about bc i turned 21 last year. i also made a simple animation page with javascript for fun and code practice you can look at it. it might go slow on weak computers though.
may 19, 2022
new pokepasta. truly my most terrifying work
may 15, 2022
i am So good at updating this site consistently (BLATANT LIE)

anyway within the past several months i officially quit deviantart because i was sick of dealing with it. so i took it off the frontpage. i still wanted to have something there though so i added a link to my twitter.... not sure how i feel about the cyan instead of green there. also just in general i'm not really a twitter user - as of right now the ONLY thing i really use my twitter for is to post pokepasta related stuff. i don't even read my feed because i can't stand that it's not in chronological order. oh well.

in OTHER news i also uploaded two new pokepastas. (well, technically they're both several months old actually, they just weren't anywhere public until now). low tide and non-player character! two very different in tone stories. they aren't as long or ambitious as my past couple 'pastas but i'd like to think they're still worthwhile reads.
september 3, 2021
FINALLY MADE ONE OF THESE. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also its goig to be my birthday tomorrow so i updated my age on about in advance so that i dont forget. 20 years old..... good god

as for other things. i got projects i've started that definitely arent done and arent really in a state worth linking to. AND a little over a week ago i put a new pokepasta up!! warning 4 major themes of insect cruelty/death and child neglect, though so watch out.