here, i keep the stories and stuff that i've written and wanna share publicly. to view the stories, click one of the categories on the side. they're listed from newest-to-oldest.

right now, i don't have much on here, and most of what i DO have is Pokepasta, but i hope to write and post more here eventually! enjoy!


stories i've written that aren't fanfiction in any way. iiiii... haven't actually finished a whole lotta these ^^;

The Moon, A Lover (3/8/21)
"I took a moment to respond. "I was curious," I'd begun, before pausing, wondering - curious about what? "why you stargaze so much.""
a short romantic horror-tragedy about longing, escapism, and the night sky. a night shift employee at a gas station becomes smitten with a coworker, but she's emotionally lost and increasingly obsessed with the moon...

The Memory Puppeteer (12/25/20)
"The true wonder came from his ability to give memories physical forms - a volunteer called up from the audience, and then with a flair of his hands there was a rainbow of odd creatures, varied and shifting and colored by the feelings and events they represented."
written for a shortform creepypasta contest. a man known only as the Memory Puppeteer runs the Theatre of Thought, a magical circus travelling through the city powered by memories. but he isn't the only one with this strange power...

21 Rules to Remember (12/23/20)
"All rules are to be followed without question. To violate is to be punished. This pamphlet has been distributed to all of your fellow dwellers. Any confusion over the rules is to be brought to Management."
written for a shortform creepypasta contest. emotionally manipulative brainweird rambling in the form of a pamphlet distributed to some seemingly VERY bizarre haunted house employees.


short for "Pokemon creepypasta", horror or otherwise bizarre Pokemon fic, mostly metafiction that explores the oddities of the games through a supernatural context. warning for horror, unreality, and other potentially-unpleasant content, though i don't do gore much.

Discord Message Pokepastas (various dates)
shortform Pokepastas written to fit within 2000 characters, the maximum length of a single Discord message.

"he jumped into his favorite bed and grabed his gizmondo and equiped the Pokemon Diamond cartrige. but the title scrrrn was strange "POKEMON DIE-MOND" and dialga exploded into blood when he pressed start."
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. trollpasta

Non-Player Character (1/26/22)
"She really wanted to take a break. Did she even have breaks? She couldn't recall. Was it legal to force someone to stand at a receptionist desk all day in one neverending shift without even a lunch break?"
nurse joy's job is boring as hell - all she does is stand in place and do nothing waiting for trainers to show up. and her coworkers aren't much for conversation, either!

low tide (10/31/21)
"The Player looked at him dully, said that it just wasn't the same. Tide did not understand. "
a player loses their childhood starter and finds a close enough replacement. no one is left satisfied with this arrangement.

Poison Point / All Roads Lead Home (8/22/21)
"She'd already been moving to flee on clockwork when the Venipede sparkled. She felt a complicated mixture of joy and disappointment and frustration. Her first shiny? Her first shiny! ...And it had to be this ugly bug."
hannah hates insects more than almost anything. when this drives her to leave a shiny venipede permanently boxed, the hatred ends up cycling back to her in the worst sort of way. (CONTENT WARNING: THIS PASTA HEAVILY FOCUSES ON THEMES OF CHILD NEGLECT, INFESTATIONS, AND CRUELTY TOWARDS BUGS)

Empty Spaces (11/18/20)
"Walking through the flowers outside Snowbelle City, I encountered what looked like a Bulbasaur. That was strange enough, but it also was level 0, had an incorrect cry and its name was simply a number that I've forgotten by now."
a player applying an unusual hack to their game opens the floodgates to a sea of unusual and glitchy encounters suddenly appearing to them. will you be there for the festivities?

The Dead and the Damned (10/31/20)
"In a glow of light, I spiralled forth from my prison into the quiet cover of night, my eyes widening in surprise to see the light of the moon and stars twinkling overhead. How far had I been taken from my resting place...?"
fanmade in-world Creepy Black adaptation/au from the GHOST's perspective. struck down by Team Rocket, a sorrowful Marowak mother becomes a vengeful spirit to protect her child - but not all is as she perceives it.

WHERE THE Pokemon Good Toy Fun Gift Magic HAPPENS ! ! (10/31/20)
"Mr. Overseer put a hand to the chin of his mask and looked up pensively."You know, I'm not so sure. It seems more like this place runs itself, in fact! Buuuuut that's the magic of the toy Pokemon cute gift for you!""
expansion on Cheap Figures, which i highly recommend you read first! Christine has a pretty lame job as a factory inspector. and today, she's been sent to a strange unlicensed Pokemon figurine factory that's going to make her hate her job a LOT more.

I Am Your Gift (1/15/20)
"In the morning, when I opened the game, it was already on the Mystery Gift screen. I knew for a fact I hadn't left it like that, but there it was. I wasn't really surprised."
a player attempts the DNS spoofing trick using a bizarre DNS address they had never seen before. they gain something they should not have... and lose something else in return.

fond forgotten (7/2/19)
"Given my starter choice, I chose Bulbasaur for old time's sake - that had been my starter in Pokemon Blue, and I had given mine then the silly name of Bulby."
someone plays a neat little FireRed romhack, though the ending is... off. nostalgia is a lonely and sad thing, when you think about it.

God, Not Another One! (1/18/19)
"So, he popped the cartridge out, tossed it in the haunted cartridge drawer he kept, and got to cleaning the gobs of blood off his DS. What a waste of time."
Derek has a bit of a... problem with Pokemon games: all his cartridges end up haunted, and he's SO sick of it.

Cheap Figures (1/8/19)
"So when the stock photo for the lot had a weird grey-pink Pikachu with askew eyes front and center, I knew it would only get worse (or better) from there."
a bootleg collector buys some Random 30pc/set Pikachu Good Pokemon Go Mini Action Figure Toy 2-3cm Pocket Monster! it's just some nice good pokemon figur%s! it's just so"e nice goood pokem\n figurres! it#s juST soMme nic* g0odd p?kemon figu!es! i7tS j}sST ??3?!A??1?!

To Meet Again (1/6/19)
""Silk is looking thoughtful. How did you...?" The Furret walked back and forth for a few seconds before everything resumed as normal."
some Pokemon have trouble moving on. lucky for Silk, the Action Replay can help!



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